Benefits of Leaving Comments on Other Blog

Through this post I continue writing about benefits of leaving comments on other people blog that I wrote previously. Leaving comment on other blog give more advantages than disadvantages. Sometimes you find difficulties indeed to start writing a comment. Further more if you don’t know what you are going to respond to the post especially if you have to read long blog article [write a short article are encouraged to get more comments].

Short article uses between 200 and 300 words. It can be read in less than 5 minutes. Now, if someone else have to read much longer than 5 minutes plus they have to write comment, it less chance the article got commented unless your article is great article or articles that importance is a controversial or sensational article.To me, leave comment on other people blog will surly search out more ideas writing articles.

Provide comment or feedback on someone blog could give you new posting ideas. For example when you are commenting with an article and you think you don’t agree with the article, you can write it on your blog. Explain to the reader about the opinions and the reasons why you have different opinion. Do not forget to give solutions according to what you thought.

I’ve been discussing about the comment, comment, and comment. So, it’s recommended to practice how to write better comments.The first – comments should be relevant to the article written. Therefore you need to read and understand the intent and purpose of the article. It means do not comment out line. For example if the author discusses about tips on how to write a good comment, your comment must connect with the theme.

The second – write freely. Not necessarily to agree author’s intentions. If you do not agree with the points written, you can just disagree with it and give your opinion. The third – your comments can be controversial. This usually provoked a lot of attention to another reader who happened to be visiting the blog. This is a good opportunity because you will get more visitors.

I wonder what that’s my understanding of the importance of leaving comments on other blog. And when talking about investing to get more traffic, perhaps commenting is one of them. In terms of traffic obtained in long run because the link you had linked earlier. Especially if the contents of comment itself weighted, others tend to [just curious] want to know who you are. Would not it be a an effort promoting your blog?


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