RV Tankless Water Heater Easy Install and Review!

So I need to just use  the jigsaw to finish these cuts real  quick and then this piece  let’s pull it out so we got  so looks like  okay so mm-hmm looks like the I just  didn’t have enough depth on the all my  jigsaw my blade wasn’t long enough so it  didn’t get through this so I’ll use the  high speed to clean this piece this back  piece up and score it and just break it  away  this uh this tubing is just tubing is is  one inch by one and a half so I was able  to cleaning through that which is good  because I was concerned that that I  might be splitting this um this this son  this is going to come up here like this  and we’re going to use those there’s  l-brackets we should be good  okay so my test fit uh we’re in it’s in  there it’s sitting on the thing doesn’t  look quite level I’m not sure about that  year I’m gonna I’m gonna play around  with it and figured it out I certainly  want it to be as levels could be you  know my hand I’m thinking as long as  it’s sitting flush from the platform in  there that it’s probably.

The trailer  being out a level it makes it look makes  it look that way but it’s in the cutout  that I did up top is good once I once I  get the the tube back up here and  secured which I haven’t done yet I’ll be  good  my flange is here cover the opening I  have corner pieces that were put in here  so all these holes for fastening it to  the trailer are going to hit the  aluminum tubing in here so so we’ll be  able to fasten and have a good secure  hold in there so with that I’m gonna  pull it back out  okay and sit over here and then you know  you know these these trailers are not  have to be the best but they got to be  light right so up in here in this  channel between the two the exterior  panel on the interior panel is just  styrofoam so I’m not exactly sure how  I’m gonna get rid of that styrofoam yet  we’re gonna find myself a big  screwdriver maybe a crowbar or something  but I’m gonna I’m gonna try to scrape  away and I have my shot back out here  I’m gonna try to scrape away as much of  this styrofoam as I can so that.

So I can  get this this piece of tubing back up in  between there and fasten it up so come  back soon okay  with just a combination of a flathead  screwdriver the aluminum tubing itself I  managed to carve our Channel and this  will fit nicely nicely up in there one  thing I realized is there’s still some  welding on this this vertical tubing  piece so I’m going to use the high speed  grinder try to take out get that on that  well off of there so I have a nice flat  flush surface to to attach those  l-brackets  let me show you what I’m talking about  and sorry these are actually three inch  brackets but I’m going to use these  these three inch brackets like this with  some self-tapping sheet metal screws to  par should do it that will secure it add  up in there nicely and gave us plenty of  surface area to attach our fasteners and  secure the heater up here so with that I  just got some clean up to do some shot  backing and I’ll be back in a few okay  my welds my welds are all knocked down  these this L bracket will sit pretty  flush with that with the vertical piece  so movement do now is we’re gonna put  the I’m gonna put this piece back in now.

I have my holes from the old piece so  I’m gonna put that to the inside and I’m  going to I’m going to turn those to the  back so that no chance of us using those  or enlarging those so we’ll put that  piece back up in there and we’re just  gonna shove it up there it’s tight as  little gun  give us a good push-up see where that is  see how that lines up  because this piece is vertical and this  is a perfect 90 these l-brackets I’m  going to rely on water heaters reviews that to get this piece  lined up in there so with that grab my  trusty cordless and I’m gonna put this  whole bracket in there yeah we’re gonna  hold it up  right – lets  just like that  hey good good  session  it looks to be about level with that the  that existing tube that’s good that’s  what we want instantly  so yeah fastener screw  a pressure  left-handed  do our best here  freshmen  okay so let’s bring it in for a closer  look so you can see in here uh these  corner pieces you see those are now  secured in there and they’re okay and  that gives us a nice upper rib there so  now what we do is I’m gonna go ahead in  a shopback and then apply my butyl tape  and we’re ready to push this thing in  okay.

So I’m ready to start putting my  butyl tape on butyl tape is like a you  know the putty team pretty sick reliable  to like know the old school days your  silly putty but what it will do is do a  nice weather tight seal to to the side  of your camper along along on the strip  now I’m gonna I have a lot of it and I  don’t really have much more use for it  after this so I’m going to use I’m going  to use and fill the entire flange with  the butyl tape whatever tears to the  side and here’s whatever’s just uh  hanging I left there knees up so it’s  pretty slippery sticky pliable just go  ahead and you know just get it on there  stick it on there when you get to the  end just going to use the edge to feel  that that there are corner pieces once  we get up there so we’ll do that yes  here this package close kind of  compressed together so just peel the  backing off it seems a rip sometimes so  killed this world and mm-hmm just go  ahead and get it nice and  what you definitely want is you  definitely want to be covering the  fastener holes with it because he wanted  to you want the fasteners going through  it and you want it to press right where  your basser’s are so I’m going to fill  that fill out like that  back now I have  now I have two good size here top inside.

I’m gonna go ahead and go ahead and do  the same thing on the other side and  then I’ll be ready to put this in and  start passing it up  okay so now I have all the beauty pole  and you see a demo  cover all the area and not leave not  leave anything I sit like I said I had  the butyl tape so I mouse will use it  you know I made sure not to overlap so  there wasn’t any kind of bulging but I  made sure to try to cover it off the  bottom stuff as well so with that we are  ready to push this baby in get it seated  and then we can do our corner pieces and  start start with some fasteners  I’m excited here we go  okay so I have it seated in there not  fully CD efforts in there one thing I’m  going to do is try make sure everything  is evenly spaced is top and bottom I  know good I know on the bottom I’m  sitting on that platform in there so I’m  not gonna have any issues there I want  to do here is I want to try to get this  as centered as possible so about an inch  and a hand here on this side I’m a  little less I’m like an inch and three  eighths so with that I’m gonna try to  want to try to get it over a little bit  more about inch 3/8 and I’ll engineer  there so I’m probably gonna get.

It just  as close as I can I’m not gonna be able  to get it perfect so with that we’re  gonna go ahead and give it a good smush  get that butyl tape seated around there  and get those flanges pressed against so  that you’re in a good spot to have that  fully seated um so with that looks good  it is seated now let’s take a look  closer look my spacing looks pretty good  my corners there you can see and um yeah  looks looks like it’s in there so we’re  just gonna press it in okay yeah before  I start putting fasteners in I’m gonna  go inside and take a quick look just  make every excuse me make sure  everything looks kosher inside before I  before I do anything like fasteners okay  right back  okay so these corner pieces are next  thing and they’re kinda they’re kind of  goofy they don’t really in the  instruction manual give you a good  indication how they’re supposed to go  there’s a whole there’s a whole here on  this flange and there’s a slotted hole  here on this fans best I can figure you  know it’s meant to go like that for some  reason these don’t line up so my  intention here is what we do is I’m  going to use this hole.

How To Fix A Wasteful Over Filling Dual Push Button Flush Toilet

Hello readers, today I’m going to share all about fixing a wasteful over filling dual push button. This problem is fixed it right double flush toilets developed a bit of an interesting problem it starts to fill as normal well it feels quite quickly so it should be stopping about now but what since happened is to have this kind of almost like a chesty cough. It’s obviously wasting a lot of water because it’s not filling properly so I’m going to open it up and take a look inside and see what’s wrong it’s quite straightforward to take the top off it comes off with a bit over a lift and these two plastic bars on the bottom and then the two bits of plastic they’re pressing the pusher. Learn more about toilets problems fixing and information on this website.

So I’ll just move them out of the way now have to go to handhelds because I can’t get a tripod in to look at this properly so I’ll just flush it again what you’ll see is the float on the other side begin to rise and then it gets caught on the scale is further up the pipe there you go and there is you can see that it’s actually harder.

So I’m going to do is I’m gonna work clean up that scale and hopefully get rid of my problem when these kitchen scrapers get to the stage where they absolutely useless in the kitchen I’ve got to keep some bits of them I’m just going to use this to clean the flotation unit so gently scooped off the scale from the flotation unit and I’ll just flush it again and try it, and I can say that that whole cup is beginning to rise up quite smoothly nothing’s catching it so with a bit of log it should stop Susie gets to the top.

So that’s what I wanted silence so that’s how I fix the overflowing on this double flush toilet by cleaning the scale off the vertical Bowl cock system it’s just saved me a pile of money I was going to go out and buy another unit if I couldn’t get it working but that was a simple fix I hope you liked the video thanks for watching consider giving you the thumbs up and sharing it and subscribing to my other videos that’s watching bye.

8 Gpm Electric Tankless Water Heater, Heaters

If you have a big house with more than one kitchen and more than one bathroom, and you need a lot of hot water, then you should get a tankless water heater. As you know, a gas based tankless heating system would be best for you. However, you may not have a gas supply. No problem, you can also use whole house electric tankless water heaters, which are designed to supply you with 8GPM of hot water.

I will give you an example of a whole house electric tankless water heater so you can approximately see how good they are. One example is enough because they all are very similar. The series 4 EX380(T4) from EEmax is a model that can generate a maximum flow rate of 8 GPM. It is designed to supply three bathrooms and a kitchen with hot water. The water is heated instantly, there is no delay. The EX380 with a T4 option also has the new staged technology built in, which saves more energy than other models. With this technology, the heating modules are used to produce the exact output temperature, the water will never be at a higher temperature. The water connections are 3/4 NPT and the size of the heaters is 20-3/16 x 12-1/8 x 4-1/8. The EX380(T4) also has thermostatic control, which is very useful, it means that the power is altered to the required flow. The minimum flow rate of this model is 1.8 gallons per minute and the highest flow rate is 8 gallons per minute.

The EX380(T4) model works at a voltage of 240 volts and has a consumption of 38 kW, the amperage is 160. Depending on the flow rate this model can heat the water at following temperatures: At a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute the temperature rise of the water can be 103 degrees Fahrenheit, at a flow rate of 3 gallons per minute the highest temperature rise of the water can be 86 degrees Fahrenheit, at a flow rate of 4 gallons per minute the temperature rise can reach 65 degrees Fahrenheit, at a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute the maximum temperature rise is 52 degrees Fahrenheit and at a flow rate of 6 gallons per minute the highest temperature rise is 43 degrees Fahrenheit.

In conclusion, if you need a tankless water heater that can provide you with loads of hot water and you don’t have a gas supply, you can also choose a whole house electric tankless water heater because it works great!

Benefits of Leaving Comments on Other Blog

Through this post I continue writing about benefits of leaving comments on other people blog that I wrote previously. Leaving comment on other blog give more advantages than disadvantages. Sometimes you find difficulties indeed to start writing a comment. Further more if you don’t know what you are going to respond to the post especially if you have to read long blog article [write a short article are encouraged to get more comments].

Short article uses between 200 and 300 words. It can be read in less than 5 minutes. Now, if someone else have to read much longer than 5 minutes plus they have to write comment, it less chance the article got commented unless your article is great article or articles that importance is a controversial or sensational article.To me, leave comment on other people blog will surly search out more ideas writing articles.

Provide comment or feedback on someone blog could give you new posting ideas. For example when you are commenting with an article and you think you don’t agree with the article, you can write it on your blog. Explain to the reader about the opinions and the reasons why you have different opinion. Do not forget to give solutions according to what you thought.

I’ve been discussing about the comment, comment, and comment. So, it’s recommended to practice how to write better comments.The first – comments should be relevant to the article written. Therefore you need to read and understand the intent and purpose of the article. It means do not comment out line. For example if the author discusses about tips on how to write a good comment, your comment must connect with the theme.

The second – write freely. Not necessarily to agree author’s intentions. If you do not agree with the points written, you can just disagree with it and give your opinion. The third – your comments can be controversial. This usually provoked a lot of attention to another reader who happened to be visiting the blog. This is a good opportunity because you will get more visitors.

I wonder what that’s my understanding of the importance of leaving comments on other blog. And when talking about investing to get more traffic, perhaps commenting is one of them. In terms of traffic obtained in long run because the link you had linked earlier. Especially if the contents of comment itself weighted, others tend to [just curious] want to know who you are. Would not it be a an effort promoting your blog?


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