How To Fix A Wasteful Over Filling Dual Push Button Flush Toilet

Hello readers, today I’m going to share all about fixing a wasteful over filling dual push button. This problem is fixed it right double flush toilets developed a bit of an interesting problem it starts to fill as normal well it feels quite quickly so it should be stopping about now but what since happened is to have this kind of almost like a chesty cough. It’s obviously wasting a lot of water because it’s not filling properly so I’m going to open it up and take a look inside and see what’s wrong it’s quite straightforward to take the top off it comes off with a bit over a lift and these two plastic bars on the bottom and then the two bits of plastic they’re pressing the pusher. Learn more about toilets problems fixing and information on this website.

So I’ll just move them out of the way now have to go to handhelds because I can’t get a tripod in to look at this properly so I’ll just flush it again what you’ll see is the float on the other side begin to rise and then it gets caught on the scale is further up the pipe there you go and there is you can see that it’s actually harder.

So I’m going to do is I’m gonna work clean up that scale and hopefully get rid of my problem when these kitchen scrapers get to the stage where they absolutely useless in the kitchen I’ve got to keep some bits of them I’m just going to use this to clean the flotation unit so gently scooped off the scale from the flotation unit and I’ll just flush it again and try it, and I can say that that whole cup is beginning to rise up quite smoothly nothing’s catching it so with a bit of log it should stop Susie gets to the top.

So that’s what I wanted silence so that’s how I fix the overflowing on this double flush toilet by cleaning the scale off the vertical Bowl cock system it’s just saved me a pile of money I was going to go out and buy another unit if I couldn’t get it working but that was a simple fix I hope you liked the video thanks for watching consider giving you the thumbs up and sharing it and subscribing to my other videos that’s watching bye.

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